Allen Schoffstall

College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Dr. Allen Schoffstall

Dr Schoffstall


Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

CENT 240

Work : (719) 255-3163

[email protected]

Curriculum Vitae

Brief Biographical Sketch


  • Franklin and Marshall College, Chemistry, B.S., 1960
  • State University of New York (Buffalo), Organic Chemistry, Ph.D., 1966
  • State University of New York (Buffalo), Organic Chemistry, Post-doctoral; 1965-1966
  • University of Illinois (Urbana), Organic Chemistry, NIH Fellow, 1966-1967

Appointments (all in Departments of Chemistry)

  1. University of Colorado (UCCS) Professor, 1977-; Asst-Assoc. Prof., 1967-1977
  2. Emory University, Atlanta, GA Visiting Professor, 1987-1988; 1989-1990
  3. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, Visiting Professor, 1977
  4. University of Maryland, College Park, MD Visiting Associate Professor, 1975-76


  • Anderson, David. R., Department of Chemistry, UCCS
  • Asirvatham, Margaret, Department of Chemistry, UC Boulder
  • Braun-Sand, Sonja, Department of Chemistry, UCCS
  • Druelinger, Melvin L., Department of Chemistry, Colorado State University-Pueblo
  • Gaddis, Barbara A., Science Learning Center and Recruitment/Retention, UCCS
  • Henry, Renee, Department of Chemistry, UCCS
  • Kalita, Jugal, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UCCS
  • Kresheck, Gordon, Department of Chemistry, UCCS
  • Owens, Janel, Department of Chemistry, UCCS
  • Padwa, A. Department of Chemistry, Emory University,
  • Ruminski, Ronald R., Department of Chemistry, UCCS
  • Staley, Constance, Department of Communication, UCCS
  • Undergraduate and Graduate UCCS Student Collaborators on Laboratory Projects
  • Weiss, David, Department of Chemistry, UCCS
  • Wilkes, John, Department of Chemistry, US Air Force Academy

Current Grants

  1. Merck Foundation grant for interdisciplinary research, 2009-2012, $60,000.00, Co-PI: Students rotate through the research laboratory and experience an original synthetic project.
  2. Guided Inquiry NMR Project, NSF, ends in 2012, $149,431.00, PI of the project, including development of a lab experiment for Chem. 1060 (Oil of Wintergreen) and an experiment for Chem. 3380 (epoxide project) with the assistance of B. Breitmeyer and D. Mendes. See: //

Pending Grant (NSF)

1156932 Research Experience for Undergraduates: Green Chemistry in Colorful Colorado Pending Co-PI 08/25/2011 08/24/2011 submitted $356,589.00

Committee Service

  • College: EAS Dean’s Review Committee, 2011-2012
  • University: Graduate Executive Committee Nelson 2011-2012
  • College: Honors Program Advisory Committee Hackman Spring 2010
  • University: Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Committee: Interim chair, 2011-2012
  • University: New Program Review Committee, 2011-2012
  • Department: Primary Committee Chair for Dr. Sonja Braun-Sand, Feb-March 2010
  • University: University Budget Advisory Committee; Chair for Spring 2011 and Spring 2012
  • College: College Budget Advisory Committee, 2011-2012
  • Department: Department Assessment report coordinator, 2010-2011
  • Department: Chemistry Graduate Program Director 2011-2012
  • Department: Thesis committee chair, Ms. Desiree M. Mendes, May, 2011.
  • University: Mentoring faculty: Dr. Genya Killian, Biology, co-mentor
  • University: Admissions Department student adviser search committee, 2011-2012.
  • University: Online programs coordination committee, 2011

Serving as Research Adviser-2010-2011

  • Al Marle III, Bachelor’s, Senior, 1,4-Triazoles, Fall, 2010
  • Amy Sylvester, Bachelor’s, Junior, Triazole synthesis using additive reductants, Summer and Fall, 2010
  • Brian Litch, Bachelor’s, Senior, Chloroalkyne synthesis (CSURF presenter), Spring 2010
  • Christina Stark, Master’s, Polyene syntheses using Grignards, Spring and Fall, 2010
  • Crystal Benner, Bachelor’s, Junior, TCICA reaction with propiolic acids, (National ACS presenter, San Francisco. 2010
  • Desiree Mendes, Master’s, Triazole synthesis and decarboxylation of alkynoic acids using Cu catalysis (Regional ACS presenter, Spokane), 2010
  • Erin Barnett, Master’s, 1,4-Triazoles, 2010-2011
  • Huy Nguyen, Bachelor’s, Senior, 1,5-Triazoles, 2010
  • Kirstin Knobbe, Bachelor’s, Senior, Disubstituted and fluorinated triazoles, 2010-2011
  • Roberto Padilla, Bachelor’s, Junior, Isoxazoline synthesis, Spring and summer 2010
  • Seth Levulis, Bachelor’s, Senior, Triazole preparations Spring 2010
  • Susan Wilds, Master’s, Triazole synthesis Summer and Fall, 2010
  • Wes Robertson, unclassified Graduate, Triazoles with fluorine substituents, 2010-2011
  • Joann Mueller, Merck scholar, hydroxylated triazoles via decarboxylation, 2011
  • Marcus Calvin, Merck scholar, triazoles via decarboxylation, 2011
  • Brayden Hamill, Merck scholar, triazole synthesis, 2011
  • Stephanie Kirchoff, triazole synthesis, 2011
  • Wynne Reis, triazole synthesis, 2011