Heather Song

College of Engineering and Applied Science

Welcome to Dr. Heather Song’s Research Group!

UCCS Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory

UCCS Applied Electromagnetics Research Laboratory’s primary focus is on the theoretical and experimental research on the microwave/ millimeter-wave/ terahertz radiation source, interaction between electromagnetic radiation and human body, and advanced antenna research. Recent projects are heavily associated with developing high frequency microwave/ millimeter-wave/ terahertz devices which requires design, construction, and characterization of high power microwave tubes, millimeter-wave vacuum electronic devices, novel electron guns, RF coupling structures, innovative RF circuits, and efficient collectors. Projects involving bio-engineering include terahertz dielectric spectroscopy research for non-invasive cancer screening and detection and work involving cell phone radiation effect on human brain. Various novel antenna concepts for future advanced communication systems are currently under investigation.

Typical THz Free space Measurement System Setup for Material Testing

Mobile phone SAR calculation system with HFSS Human Body model

Electron particle distribution in the five-stage collector of the compact TWT colored with electron kinetic energy from the 3D CFDTD simulations (M. C. Lin, P. H. Stoltz, D. N. Smithe, H. Song, H. J. Kim, J. J. Choi, S. J. Kim, and S. H. Jang, “Design and Modeling of Multistage Depressed Collectors By Using 3D Conformal Finite-Difference Time-Domain Particle-In-Cell Simulations,” JKPS, Vol. 60, No. 5, pp. 731 – 738, 2012).