Iacocca Group


Welcome to the Iacocca Group

Our focus

We study magnetization dynamics at the nanoscale. We theoretically, analytically, and numerically investigate dynamics from the ultrafast regime to the dispersion of spin waves in metamaterials.

Our goal

To gain understanding of non-equilibrium and nonlinear magnetization dynamics and propose magnetic devices for information technologies.


CRCW grant

We are happy to announce that our project “Nano-designed magnetic materials” was awarded funding through UCCS’s Committee on Research and Creative Works (CRCW) Faculty Seed …
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Victoria presented at CSURF

Victoria presented her work “Determination of anisotropy factors of nanomagnets” today at the 18th CSURF. Great work! Very good experience for undergraduates at UCCS, PPCC, and …
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Nanoscale solitons found

We have uncovered the nucleation of solitons at picosecond timescales in large perpendicular anisotropy nanoparticles in a recent publication in Science Advances 8, eabn0523 (2022). …
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